Crash Goes the Hash is the 77th short subject starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges. The trio made a total of 190 shorts for Columbia Pictures between 1934 and 1959.


The Stooges are shirt pressers who are mistaken as reporters for the Starr Press. Fuller Bull (Vernon Dent), the head of an ailing competing newspaper, quickly hires the Stooges to get a picture of visiting Prince Shaam of Ubeedarn (Dick Curtis). Word has it that Shaam has plans to marry local wealthy socialite Mrs. Van Bustle (Symona Boniface). The trio disguise themselves as servants, and work their way into a party being held at Mrs. Van Bustle's home in the honor of the prince.

Naturally, they all but sabotage the festivity. The inept trio serve hors d'œuvres consisting of peas and dog biscuits, and a turkey stuffed with a live parrot. The prince leaves in disgust, with the butler (Bud Jamison) following close behind. Undaunted, the Stooges manage to expose both the prince and butler as crooks who were planning to rob the house. As a result of their findings, Fuller Bull gives the boys a large bonus.


  • Crash Goes the Hash was supporting actor Bud Jamison's final appearance in a Stooge film. A Type 2 diabetic in his later years, Jamison appeared in 16 more films before his untimely death in September 1944. As he was a devout Christian Scientist, Jamison refused to take insulin when the symptoms of his diabetes acted up. As a result, he went into diabetic shock and died at age 50.
  • Even though the story and screenplay is credited to Felix Adler, this film borrows considerable dialogue, situations, and even shot set-ups from the 1937 Columbia short New News, starring Monte Collins and Tom Kennedy, which was written by Al Giebler, Elwood Ullman and Searle Kramer.
  • When Curly tells Larry that he would peddle the lemonade instead, he tells him so in his regular speaking voice rather than his trademark falsetto.


    • Larry: "I've been running my legs off all morning 'til the cuffs on my pants are frayed."
    • Moe: " 'Fraid of what?!"
    • Curly: "What good is a $100 bogus?"
    • Larry: "Not 'bogus.' 'Bonus!' Don't you know what 'bonus' is?"
    • Curly: "Soitainly, Spanish! 'Bonus Naches!' Si, si, senor!"
    • Butler: "Such levity... you remind me of the Three Stooges!"
    • Curly: "Hey! That's an insult!"
    • Butler: "No, no, I was only joking. Carry on."
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