Dopey Dicks is the 122nd short subject starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges. The trio made a total of 190 shorts for Columbia Pictures between 1934 and 1959.


The Stooges are janitors who have just finished moving furniture and assorted items into the office of a detective. Shemp fantasizes about the exciting life of a private eye, when a beautiful blonde in distress (Christine McIntyre) rushes in begging for help, claiming she is being followed. While the Stooges search the hallways, she quickly scribbles a note and is captured by a mysterious figure.

The Stooges come back to the office, finding no one. They find her note and immediately go to a dark house on Mortuary Road where an evil scientist (Philip Van Zandt) is building an army of robot men. The Stooges arrive, having second thoughts, they are greeted by the butler (Stanley Price) who takes Moe to the scientist's lab. Shemp and Larry agree that something is going on, Larry decides to go look for the dame while Shemp watches Moe through the key hole.

While in the lab, the scientist tries to cut off Moe's head, but does not succeed. Shemp seeing the action runs and yells "Every man for himself!" He tries to open the door but the handle is pulled out and pulls Shemp to the door. Finding a place to hide, Shemp finds the girl tied up and gagged in a curtained alcove at the end of the main hallway. She then tells Shemp that those men escaped a mental hospital. The Stooges and the girl runs throughout the house, trying to hide from the scientist and his butler.

After able to escape, Moe, Larry, and the girl, at the side of a road, yell for rides. One car stops and they hop in. Shemp catches up with them and gets in the car. They all feel glad they got out of the house and are safe. Suddenly the girl screams and points to the driver, the scientist's headless robot, the Stooges and the girl scream in horror and huddle up in the back seat as the car speeds down the street.


  • When Shemp is struggling with the professor, he repeatedly calls out for Moe and Larry. Right before the flower pot falls on the professor's head, Shemp calls out what sounds like "Mary!', an accidental combination of their Moe and Larry's names.
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