Have Rocket, Will Travel is a 1959 comedy film starring The Three Stooges. By this time, the trio consisted of Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Joe DeRita (dubbed "Curly Joe"). Released by Columbia Pictures, the feature was produced to capitalize on the comedy trio's late 1950s resurgence in popularity. The title is a parody of the then-popular television show Have Gun, Will Travel, and its soundtrack featured songs such as "Swinging the Alphabet" and "Aba Daba Honeymoon".

Although billed as such, it was not the first starring feature for The Three Stooges. That honor goes to Rockin' in the Rockies, the only starring feature made with the best known lineup of Moe, Larry and Curly. The team had also starred in a 1951 film called Gold Raiders during the Shemp Howard era, and had also had supporting roles in several 1930s films when the trio was still affiliated with Ted Healy.

This film marked the screen debut of Curly Joe with the Stooges, DeRita having replaced Joe Besser in the team after Columbia ceased production of the Stooges' long-running shorts series.


The space agency's latest attempt to launch a rocket into space has failed, and Mr. Morse (Jerome Cowan) lays blame with Dr. Ingred Naarveg's fuel formula. Janitors Moe, Larry and Curly Joe want to help her, and break into the laboratory at night to concoct their own special brand of fuel. Wrecking the lab in the process of pumping the fuel into the rocket, the Stooges find themselves on the run from Morse when he stumbles across their latest disaster. Hiding in the rocket, they accidentally launch themselves into space on a collision course with the planet Venus, where they find a giant flame-breathing tarantula, and a talking unicorn whom they befriend. But also waiting for them is a computer brain that controls the planet, which plans to create robot replicas of the Stooges and conquer the Earth.

Space travel crazeEdit

The space travel theme of Have Rocket, Will Travel was quite prevalent in the late 1950s. The Stooges had already filmed several shorts for Columbia revolving around this theme (Space Ship Sappy, Outer Space Jitters, Flying Saucer Daffy). They followed up with yet another space entry in 1962 for The Three Stooges in Orbit.

Primary castEdit

  • Moe Howard: Himself
  • Larry Fine: Himself
  • Joe DeRita: Himself
  • Anna-Lisa: Dr. Ingrid Naarveg
  • Robert Colbert: Dr. Ted Benson
  • Jerome Cowan: Mr. Morse
  • Don Lamond: The Venusian Robot/Reporter/Narrator
  • Robert Stevenson: Voice of The Thingtz
  • Dal McKennon: Voice of Uni the Unicorn


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