Jerks of All Trades is the title of an American TV Pilot released on October 12, 1949. It was the the Three Stooges first attempt to make a series of television series and the only one done with Shemp Howard as the third Stooge. Filmed before a live studio audiences as a pilot for a planned TV series on ABC, which unfortunately, was never picked up.


The Stooges are three bumbling interior decorators. In their office, they meet a new client, Mr. Pennyfeather (Emil Sitka). Just a few moments after Pennyfeather arrives, Shemp accidentally spills ink down the front of Pennyfeather's suit, who becomes enraged. The Stooges then challenge Pennyfeather to mischief with them, featuring the famous "Texas" routine. After the some slapstick mayhem, they are successful in tossing Mr. Pennyfeather out of the office. Suddenly, the next client calls him on the phone for them to come in to manage her house. In her house, The Stooges not only hang wallpaper, but also manage to trash their client's home. Unfortunately, that woman is Mrs. Pennyfeather (Symona Boniface) and that house is Mr. Pennyfeather's house. After Mr. Pennyfeather comes home, the Stooges cover Mr. Pennyfeather with wallpaper and both Mr. Pennyfeather and the Stooges recognize each other (after Pennyfeather imitates the "Texas" routine done for him earlier by the Stooges). In a rage, both Pennyfeathers attack the boys with their own paint and utensils.

In the end, Moe, Larry, and Shemp, defeated, hang up their brushes.


The pilot, which took one day to film, was never aired. B.B. Kahane, Columbia Picture's Vice-President of Business Affairs, stopped the show from being broadcast. Kahane warned the Stooges that a contract stipulation restricted them from performing in a TV series that might compete with their two-reel comedies. Columbia further threatened to cancel the boys' contract and take them to court if they tried to sell the series. To avert a legal hassle, the pilot was shelved and the project abandoned.

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