Movie Maniacs is the thirteenth short subject film starring American slapstick comedy trio The Three Stooges . The trio made a total of 190 shorts for Columbia Pictures between 1934 and 1959.

Plot Edit

The Stooges are stowaways on a boxcar headed for Hollywood, or to be exact, a furniture consignment to Hollywood. Fully expecting for no good reason to become stars, and dressed for the occasion, the Stooges sneak into a movie studio—where they are mistaken for three new executives who are due to take over the facility. Given the authority, they promptly abuse it and take over the production of a movie set in hopes of shooting a blockbuster movie. Curly gets off on the wrong foot when, unable to light his match for a smoke, spots an actress receiving a pedicure (silent star Mildred Harris). He then strikes the match on her bare foot, startling her. Angered, she is about to storm off the set until the trio convince her to stay. The trio then act out the love scene as they want it filmed, leading its stars to abandon the set.

Another telegram arrives with the news that three actual executives were delayed by a storm. Angered at the deception, the studio boss goes after the Stooges, who run for their lives into a room which has a couple of lions. At first Moe thinks he heard Larry growl, but when they see the lions they pile into a convenient car. One of the lions hops into the car with them and it speeds out of the studio, weaving wildly down a Hollywood street.

Quotes Edit

  • Curly: "How're WE gonna get into movies? WE don't know nuthin' about pictures!"
  • Moe: "There's a couple thousands guys in Hollywood don't know nuthin' about pictures! Three more won't make any difference!"
  • Curly: "If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking 'til you DO suck-seed!"

Trivia Edit

  • Movie Maniacs was released on February 20, 1936, only two weeks after the previous release, Ants in the Pantry. It was filmed, though, in late October 1935, two months before Ants in the Pantry.
  • The original ending for the film involved the Stooges somehow setting fire to the movie set and running away.
  • The two lions that appear at the end of this short are Tanner and Jackie. Mel Koontz trained both of them. Tanner performed as the lion that followed the Stooges into the their car. 

References Edit

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