Slowly I Turned or more known as Niagara Falls is one of the Three Stooges routines. Adapted from classic vaudeville routine and developed in the Stooges' own style

In this routine, two characters meeting for the first time. One of them (Moe) begin recounting the day he took his revenge and becoming so engrossed in his own tale that he attacks the innocent listener, played by the third Stooge, he is speaking to. “Niagara Falls” used as the trigger words, which then sends the unbalanced person to go berserk. Moe will unconsciously attacking the third Stooge in traditional Stooges’ violence, until the victim shakes him out of his manic condition. Moe’s character then apologizes about his irrational reaction over the words. But, this follows with the third Stooge innocently repeating the words, keep Moe’s reaction repeated over and over.

Still in his insane condition, Moe leaves the third Stooge alone and another character (Larry) then enters which put the situation like Moe did before. Moe re-enter and the audiences will finds Moe and Larry are "the enemy" in each other tales. However, both of them surprisingly befriended. The disappointed third Stooge, who expected the two will clash to each other, accidentally says words “Niagara Falls”. Moe and Larry goes insane and chases the third Stooge together

The Three Stooges, of classic Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard line-up, performed the routine on-screen for the first time in the 1944 Columbia short Gents Without Cents. After Joe DeRita (as Curly-Joe) joined the team in 1958, the routine revived and performed by the Stooges in the Ed Sullivan Show on May 9, 1965.

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