Phoney Cronies is an American comedy short by Columbia Pictures directed by Harry Edwards and starred El Brendel, Tom Kennedy, Dudley Dickerson, and Monte Collins. Phoney Cronies released to theaters on August 27, 1942 was one of a trio of scare comedies El Brendel did for the studio; it was preceded by Sweet Spirits of Nighter (1941) and followed by Boobs in the Night (1943). The latter would reworked as The Three Stooges' 1950 short Dopey Dicks.


In this short, Oley (El Brendel), Tom (Tom Kennedy) and Petty Larsen (Dudley Dickerson) run a storage company who get a job delivering a large crate to a spooky museum in the middle of the night, not knowing the crate houses a hoodlum on the lam. Once there, they find themselves at odds with hoodlum's gang, who are after a priceless Buddha statue and leading to various slapstick mishaps.


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